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Soul making is for people who want to live with depth, grit, grace and spirit and make a real difference in their work, art and life.


I’m Steve Thorp.


I live in Pembrokeshire not far from the wild and beautiful Newgale beach, and my work is to help people find themselves, fulfil themselves and grow themselves in this deeply troubled and insanely beautiful world.


We live in challenging times, and my work is particularly focused on helping people to live with the shadows of climate change and other seemingly intractable  global problems we face with authenticity, grace and courage.


I have no magic answers to how to live – no ten point programmes or new-age therapy. What I do have is the experience of a life spent engaging – as fully as I possibly can – with my work, relationships, community and soul. And two decades of working as a professional helper – a counsellor, coach, psychotherapist and spiritual companion.


More specifically, I am a writer and editor, therapist and educator whose 'soul-making' work supports people in their wellbeing, spirituality, creativity and activism. I am a life-long eclectic reader, and love creating new projects and collaborations. I am a bodyboarder and devoted Grandpa.


My books, published by Raw Mixture Publishing, include my new pamphlet, 'Blue Marble', 'Soul Meditations' (2016) and 'Soul Manifestos and Pieces of Joy' (2014) – a collection of short poetic essays. I am also the author of several poetry pamphlets, currently available in new digital editions. I also edit Unpsychology Magazine.


If you’d like to work with me, please go to the tab at the top of the page – and if you’d like to connect with me I am on Facebook and Twitter – and you’ll find some of my writings at



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