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Integral practices for soulful and creative living

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Integral soulful conversations


I offer deep, soulful conversations that focus in helping you find yourself, fulfil yourself and grow yourself in this troubled and  beautiful world. for 2020, I am focussing less on counselling and psychotherapy work, and more on deep wellbeing, soulmaking, support with climate anxiety and developmental coaching. You can find more details by clicking HERE and by  downloading my latest information sheet. My face-to-face work now takes place at the St Davids Wellbeing Centre in Pembrokeshire, but I can also work via. Skype, Facetime and email support.


Climate minds 

These days, I am particularly concerned in supporting individuals who are looking to respond – in whatever way – to the crisis of climate breakdown and related challenges. This might involve working to support you in your wellbeing, spirituality, creativity, activism, art – or a combination of all these. The climate emergency is a particular and unique trauma that we have never faced before, so it is not surprising that people find it difficult to respond to and live with. This might involve us in living well in the present, even if we cannot hold hope for the future.


Workshops, training and creativity

You might also complement your coaching work with the Deep Wellbeing and Soulmaking course, currently running at St Davids Wellbeing Centre and online. There will be a new course group starting in 2020, so get in touch if you'd like to get involved. I can also offer creativity coaching which will help you develop your own creativity, imagination and artistic practices. I've worked to support a number of writers, artists and creative practitioners over the years. I edit Unpsychology Magazine which draws together activists and artists who are responding to the big social and ecological themes in the world today.


What else might you need to know?

I originally trained as a counsellor in Oxford, and followed this up with an MSc in Integrative Psychotherapy at Metanoia Institute. Since then, I have undertaken further professional trainings with Relate and the Spiritual Companions Trust. My own further professional development includes training and workshops in EMDR, Ecopsychology, Writing for Wellbeing, Integral Practice and Mindfulness – to name just a few.


I am currently involved with the Climate Psychology Alliance – a forum for psychologists and therapists make connections between depth psychology and climate change, as we all face the difficult truths of climate change and ecological crisis; and with Campfire Convention – a new and growing an ecosystem and conscious community of individuals and organisations committed to creating positive social change together.


I undertake my regular supervision with Michael Soth

I am certified as a Spiritual Companion and Mentor by the Spiritual Companions Trust.

I am a Registered Member of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy.








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