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Integral practices for soulful and creative living

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Support for organisations and communities


  • How can organisations and communities respond to the challenges we all face? 

  • How, in the light of climate breakdown and other social and ecological crises, can we    create and sustain  soulful and progressive places where people want to live and work?

  • How can leaders support the people they lead in their psychological and spiritual wellbeing – whilst ensuring the good of the wider community?

  • How can creativity and wellbeing go hand in hand with a recognition of the shadows we have to live with – individually and collectively – in today's world?


If you want to explore these questions with your organisation or community, then get in touch for a discussion about how I can support you. This might be through a training programme looking at the 'soulful' aspects of organisational life; a progamme of coaching for your members or staff – or a series of talks or seminars to provoke thinking and conversation.


Talks, workshops and programmes available:

A range of specialist workshops, talks and programmes are available to organisations and groups that address a range of topics and themes. These include:


  • responses to climate breakdown – living in the age of the climate mind

  • unpsychology – ways of re-imagining healing and wellness in a dissolving world

  • poetry from the wild – telling new stories and connecting with the earth

  • the creative self – tapping the well of imagination to create great things!

  • 21st Century Soul – ecological, psychological practices for life and work

  • the three-fold self – soul, social and ecology - bringing our selves back together

  • listening with soul – deep listening, and ‘helping’ in life and work

  • soulful leadership – deep listening and coaching for leaders and manager

  • deep wellbeing – integral wellbeing practices and how to live stress holistically

  • creating soulful organisations with integral leadership

  • sustaining soulful, joyful activism – making change and staying well and true.


Contact: [email protected] or 07949553029.


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