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Integral practices for soulful and creative living

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How can you work with me?


There are  three contexts in which I work with people.


I work with individuals offering  conversations that focus in helping you find yourself, fulfil yourself and grow yourself in this deeply troubled and insanely beautiful world.


My e-courses and books are all about finding ways of living life fully – soulfully and with integrity. You can work of these separately, or combine them with conversational work.


For organisations I can offer packages of coaching and training in integral wellbeing and development. I work predominently in the creative, education and ethical business  sectors.  


My approaches


I work flexibly with three elements of the self – social self, which includes our relationships and engagement with our human communities; ecological self, and our connection with the earth and nature; soul self, our original personality, calling and direction.


All of these are essential to living authentically in today’s world. Working with all three is what makes up the developmental task of soulmaking. 


Another way of putting it came from a wise friend of mine, Dave Hicks, who wrote to me recently: “…given all that has changed over the last year I wonder whether our focus should be on living in Challenging Times (the best of times, the worst of times) supported by soulful understanding…”


The Integral Life people also talk about the joint tasks of Waking Up, Growing Up and Showing Up. It’s a nice way of putting it – and reflects the need for us to find courageous ways of surviving and thriving in times that are uncertain and challenging – to become, as Margaret Wheatley has put it: “Warriors for the human spirit”.


Set up your initial conversation by contacting me at steve@21soul.co.uk or phone me on 07949553029.






A fresh place for deep and developmental soul conversations;  a space to face joy and pain and develop life and work practices that connect you to the world.


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