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I’m a writer and editor, working with themes of poetry, ecology, psychology and soul. You can see some of my publications below and purchase them at the Raw Mixture Shop. I edit Unpsychology Magazine – which you can find HERE and my blog is at medium.com/@stevethorp1


If you’re an artist or musician and like to work with me on a collaboration, or would like to republish any of my poetry or essays, please get in touch. You can find some more of my writings HERE. 





Soul Meditations is a little book of poetic meditations and is an encouragement to sustain the kind of beautiful, joyful and resilient life that might make a difference in our troubled world. "I absolutely adore it. I am drinking in the beautiful words and gorgeous images" said one reader! Get it HERE. A follow up to Soul Meditations, Lifesongs, illustrated by Ruth Thorp, will be published later in 2018 and will be avilable from Raw Mixtur Publishing.


Soul Manifestos and Pieces of Joy is a book of short poetic essays, described as  "amazing, extraordinary, powerful, necessary and deeply inspiring" by Dave Hicks, author of 'Educating for Hope in Troubled Times'. You can buy a copy in the Raw Mixture shop. Read more about the project HERE.



















Trails is an art and poetry collaboration between Steve and artist Elaine Johnson. A work of art in itself, Trails is still available in the Raw Mixture shop. A number of the poems in this collection were put to music by Sarah Jewell and performed by the Songlines Choir in the summer of 2015. You can read more about the project and a couple of the poems, HERE.


These titles, and more, are published by new imprint Raw Mixture Publishing, which is a small family-run imprint. From the website: "The logo is a crucible: a melting pot for ideas and projects from which all sorts of creative and printed collaborations emerge. We are independent – as a business and as individuals – with a stubborn belief we can get things done".


Other publications 

Unpsychology Magazine - The most recent edition – the Climate Minds Anthology, was published in 2018 and is a FREE digital download. You can dowload your copy from HERE. Issue 3 of Unpsychology Magazine was published in June 2016.  Unpsychology responds to themes of psychology, soul-making, ecology and 'wild mind'. Issue 3 had a focus on CHILDHOOD. Issue 3 is still available in print, and  previous editions of the magazine are now available in digital format in the Raw Mixture shop.


An Alchemy of Withering - an essay in the March 2014 edition of Earthlines Magazine: "an active and passionate project to help transform the relationship between humans and the rest of the natural world".


Life and The Fixing of Things are collaborations with spiritual artist Kim Major-George. The Fixing of Things (2012) was part of an exhibition tour of Kim's artwork and my poetry. A version of this was also published in Dark Mountain Volume 3, 2012. New digital versions are available now HERE. 


Editions 1- 4: The editions series features cover artwork by Mary Thorp, and can now be purchased as digital editions or as a set of four HERE.


Lost Beauty is my longest work and features poetry inspired by the landscapes of West Scotland, the North East of England and Pembrokeshire. This is also available in new digital version from Raw Mixture.


Pembrokeshire poems, Liquid Skies, West Wind and the Sea and Secret Coast were all boxsets that include 9 or 10 landscape poems, printed as cards and beautifully packaged in a distinctive box with Mary's artwork on the cover. These will be released as digital editions soon.


Working for Wellbeing was a workbook I wrote with my friend and former colleague, Jenny Blount. It's a practical guide to wellbeing at workplace, published by Worklife Support Ltd in 2002. I'm hoping to put up a version on this website in the near future.


Soul Manifestos _Steve Thorp_Mock up TRAILS SOUL MANIFESTOS trails-publicity Soul Manifestos 978-0-9928647-1-2 Buy Now